What a great time we had at our inaugural Cupcake Run for Public Education, and, as you can see from the smiling faces below, hundreds of others did too.
  • 909 people ran, walked or volunteered!
  • $13,500 was raised for our teacher grant program!¬†
For official race results Click Here Congratulations to our 10k winners:
  • Brandon Karcher (male, 1st place)
  • Young Lee (male, 2nd place)
  • Jose Gaeta (male, 3rd place)
  • Megan Mulroy (female, 1st place)
  • Megan Ulrich (female, 2nd place)
  • Carrie Dwyer (female, 3rd place)
Congratulations to our 5k winners:
  • Andy Dunn (male, 1st place)
  • Daniel Hartwig (male, 2nd place)
  • Tyjay Laster (male, 3rd place)
  • Jennifer Dorsch (female, 1st place)
  • Abby Martin (female, 2nd place)
  • Olivia Zaragoza (female, 3rd place)
Congratulations to our Teacher Winners:
  • Jennifer Dorsch (female, 5k)
  • Megan Ulrich (female, 10k)
  • Andy Dunn (male, 5k)
  • Christopher Pfledderer (male, 10k)
Congratulations to Southwestern Middle School, School Participation CHAMPS!