Thank you for a fantastic Cupcake Run. With just over 1,000 runners and walkers and 100 volunteers on hand, we raised some serious money for our teacher grant program. Pictures are posted on our Facebook page Here are the results: For official race resultsĀ Click Here Congratulations to our 10k winners:
  • Costa James (male 1st place)
  • Armani Archie (male, 2nd place)
  • Ryan Ledman (male, 3rd place)
  • Megan Mulroy (female, 1st place)
  • Claire Kilmer (female, 2nd place)
  • Nora Chidalek (female, 3rd place)
Congratulations to our 5k winners:
  • Jack Boyer (male, 1st place)
  • Michael Bayley (male, 2nd place)
  • Brian Bordner (male, 3rd place)
  • Jordan Arnold (female, 1st place)
  • Abby Schwenk (female, 2nd place)
  • Betsy Murray-Bolden (female, 3rd place)
Congratulations to our Teacher Winners:
  • Jordan Arnold (female, 5k)
  • Megan Ulrich (female, 10k)
  • John-Mark Magee (male, 5k)
  • Jeff Brenner (male, 10k)
Congratulations to Jefferson High School, School Participation CHAMPS!